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Need to Store your goods in Dubai for Distribution?
Need to Clear the Cargo on time and distribute the same without having to be present there?

Need a fully functional Office with attentive personnel who understand your and your customer’s needs without having to spend on opening an office/ renting a Warehouse / Hiring Personnel / depositing Huge Amounts with Customs / Paying Fines??

Need the Facility Close to the Port of Jebel Ali and Save on Transport Costs?

Willing to pay a lot lower than the actual costs involved if you do it personally – and yet not lose customers due to Third Party delays in Delivery?

If your answer is  Yes!  to all of the above – Call / Mail / Fax us NOW

Rates are reasonable; Services charges are good (As Long As you don’t convert them into INR!!) The Warehouse is insured with Third Party Liability
Security is updated.

Equipment includes Forklifts for Professional Handling! A One Stop Shop for all your Shipping Needs including:

– Clearing
– Storage
– Packing
– Unpacking
– Cross Stuffing
– ReXport Inspection for Duty Refunds
– Local Transportation from 1 CBM to  1x20 / 1x40 ft Containers
– Export Documentation
– Collection of receipts etc
– All at One point.

It’s like having your OWN OFFICE without the attendant hassles - at an affordable price.
A World of Possibilities.   
P.O.Box : 45406, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates.
Tel : +971 - 4 - 3404858
Fax : +971 - 4 - 3419137
Email : info@asvsl.com
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