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Special Lifts
Special Lifts require specialised knowledge with trained personnel guiding the loading at every step of the way to ensure maximum safety and completion of the lift without damage to the cargo.

Car Transport in Containers

Loading upto a maximum of 3 New Cars in A 40 HC container ensures their arrival at destination without scratches or dents as against used cars that can number upto 5 per container.
Normally the best way for shipment of cars and vehicles is by container. The vehicle is loaded and secured to our set standards inside a steel shipping container at our warehouse. With the doors closed the container is completely and sealed from the elements. A security seal is fixed to the doors and no one will have access to the vehicle until it reaches its destination apart from the local Customs authorities, should they wish to inspect the container.

We then move the container from the warehouse to the overseas export terminal where the container is loaded onto the container vessel . On arrival at destination port the container is moved to a local warehouse and made ready for delivery or the cars can be removed at the port and taken individually.
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